2018 HPDE Dates @ Road Atlanta

March 2-4, 2018

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August 31 - September 3, 2018

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HPDE @ Roebling Road

June 15-17, 2018

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Registration & Information:

Student registration opens a week early for Peachtree BMW CCA members. Be prepared to provide current active membership information and proof if necessary.


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Student/Instructor Packets & Schedules:

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Committee and Contacts:

Chairman: Jason Courant

Co-Chief Instructor: David Harrison

Co-Chief Instructor: Lea Enslin

Registrar: Mike Sewell

Club Racing: Eric Nissen

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Why Attend A Peachtree Chapter Driving School?

Driving Schools are one of the most exciting, entertaining, and educational events that you can participate in as a car enthusiast. They provide the student with the opportunity to operate his or her car at speed in a safe, controlled environment. The school will allow the student to experience, identify, and begin to master the art and science of car control and vehicle dynamics. In addition you will discover that the event will be a venue for meeting new friends and having an enormous amount of fun.

So what makes a Peachtree Chapter Driving School different and so special? We believe that there are many reasons, but allow us to highlight some of the key features.

  1. We provide a lot of track time for students. Normally we operate a schedule that provides 4 sessions on track each day of the school. These sessions typically run about 25 minutes each. That's more track time than many other schools offer.
  2. We provide personalized, in car instruction from one of our highly experienced instructors. Our corps of instructors have been involved in high performance driving and student instruction for many years and typically have gone through both driving skills training as well as specific instructor training involving teaching and communication skills. We are generally regarded as having the best instructor group in the field.
  3. We most often can pair you with an instructor that has specific experience in your car's marque and type of vehicle. For example if you have a front wheel drive car we can pair you with an instructor with front wheel drive experience. This is a very important advantage.
  4. Our instructors are at the event to help you. They are not preoccupied with racing or other activities during a Peachtree Chapter event. They are your instructor, that's it. They have their own track time but that can be used to offer student rides so that you can gain an in person perspective of "how it's done".
  5. We provide top notch classroom instruction. We utilize a variety of classroom instructors so it does not become repetitive for returning students. All of these instructors are very experienced both in driving and in classroom teaching. Separate, interactive classroom sessions are held for each experience level group and provide a wealth of information that can be implemented on track with your in car instructor. Plus we hold it in an air conditioned classroom at Road Atlanta!!

The Peachtree Chapter has been offering Driving Schools for over 20 years and the feedback we receive from students and instructors tells us that we offer the best run, most student focused schools available. The whole reason we do this is to provide you with the opportunity to LEARN HIGH PERFORMANCE DRIVING, BE SAFE, and above all HAVE FUN!

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