2023 BMW Car Club of America (CCA) – Board of Directors Directors Nomination for the Peachtree Chapter

The terms for William Harris (President), Greg Nesbitt (Vice President), David Harrison (Treasurer), Diane McHorney (Secretary), and Joshua Ridikas (Member at Large) will end on December 31, 2022. All current board members are eligible to run again and can be nominated like any other member.

Fill out your name and member number. Then at the bottom, fill out the name and member number of the person you’d like to nominate to the Board of Directors. Keep in mind that we will contact each nominee to make sure they are OK with being a candidate.

Simple rules:

  1. You can’t nominate yourself.
  2. You can only nominate one person per position, and any person can only run for one position.
  3. Before their name is submitted, all nominees must have either:
      • asked the nominator to submit their name for a particular position.
      • agreed to be nominated for a particular position by the nominator.
  4. Both the nominee and nominator must have an active BMW CCA membership at the time of nomination.

We will be contacting the nominees to confirm their agreement. This will help eliminate some previous issues with nominees being unaware or uninterested when nominated.

All nominations are due by November 20, 2022. Voting will start on December 1, 2022, and end on December 20, 2022. We will announce the new board on December 22, 2022, and the Board will take office on January 1st, 2023.

Please contact me with any questions and comments at elections@peachtreebmwcca.org

All the best –
Shawn Doughtie, Elections Chairman

2023 Board Member Duties and Responsibilities

President Peachtree Chapter BMW CCA

Duties and Responsibilities

The PRESIDENT shall officiate at all BOARD meetings, create and appoint special committees as he or she deems necessary to carry out the objectives of the CLUB, supervise the overall operation of the CLUB, call meetings of the full BOARD of Directors as conditions warrant, and perform other executive functions as may be necessary.

  • Oversee and Conduct Chapter Business
  • Communicate with Board
Vice President Peachtree Chapter BMW CCA

Duties and Responsibilities

The VICE-PRESIDENT shall officiate in the absence of the PRESIDENT, coordinate the activities of the CLUB in conjunction with event chairpersons and/or appointed committees, and secure the necessary liability insurance as may be required for certain

Membership Listing

  • Ensure you receive a copy of the monthly membership list. To be kept confidential and used for internal chapter use.
  • Send Welcome letters monthly to new members.
  • Send Miss you letter to those members whose membership is about to expire

Seek New Friends of Peachtree

  • Seek new businesses that would be willing to offer our members discounts.
  • Seek new businesses to sponsor chapter events.

Other duties as assigned

Treasurer Peachtree Chapter BMW CCA

Duties and Responsibilities

The TREASURER shall be responsible for all funds, making expenditures which are authorized by the BOARD, maintaining financial records in accordance with generally recognized accounting practices, submitting timely and accurate financial reports to federal, state, and local government agencies as required, reporting on the treasury monthly to the general membership and arranging to have the financial records reviewed or audited by a professional accountant at least yearly. 

Backup of Records

  • Archive and provide President a backup of Quicken files bi-monthly. 

Financial Reports

  • Provide financial status to President on a monthly basis
  • Prepare documents for BMW CCA National Office as well as annual tax reports

Other duties as assigned

Secretary Peachtree Chapter BMW CCA

Duties and Responsibilities

The SECRETARY shall maintain minutes of all meetings, carry on all correspondence, keep all current CLUB records, maintain a current roster of members, collect, or cause to collected, distribute all mail incoming to the CLUB, and perform other duties as assigned by the BOARD.

  • Board Minutes
    Distribute meetings minutes within 10 days of the Board Meeting
  • National Correspondence
  • Write and submit two articles a year for the regional Bimmerlife magazine.
  • Maintain copies of all correspondence to the national office. Ensure President, Treasurer, and committee chairpersons provide you with a copy of all forms submitted to National Chapter Mail.
  • Pickup and distribute Chapter mail bi-weekly. Weekly when special needs arise.
  • Other duties as assigned
Member-At-Large Peachtree Chapter BMW CCA

Duties and Responsibilities

Member-at Large shall be an advisory position filled by a CLUB member whose experience and opinions are of value to the CLUB.

  • New Membership Relations
  • Communicate the needs of membership to the board.
  • Assist the board in new member initiatives
  • Assist board members with club events
  • Generate ways to increase club involvement in other regions
    Other duties as assigned

2023 Board Nominations



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