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For the BMW CCA to be a positive experience for all members it is incumbent upon all members, with regard to their fellow members, Club officials and employees, their chapters and the National organization, to conduct themselves in a courteous and ethical manner.

Following are the standards of conduct to which members of the BMW CCA are expected to adhere while online and in person:

2.10.1 BMW CCA Members Standards of Conduct

The mission of the BMW CCA is to enhance the BMW experience for our members by providing services, support, information and activities that promote camaraderie and encourage social awareness and responsibility.

The BMW CCA is an organization that welcomes everyone, whatever his or her age, background or car model. With a large membership, it is appropriate to establish basic standards of conduct that govern our interactions with each other.

Therefore, the following Standards of Conduct have been established. Changes shall require a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Simply put treat others with the respect and consideration with which you would like to be treated.

  • All members will treat each other with common courtesy.
  • Personal confrontation, conflict and verbal, visual or physical abuse will not be tolerated. Personal criticism or defamation of one individual by another will not be tolerated.
  • Personal responsibilities include:
    • Complying with all Club policies, rules, bylaws and minimum standards.
    • Maintaining appropriate behavior.
    • Not assisting others who are attempting to knowingly violate any policy, rule, bylaw or minimum standard, or are attempting to commit an unethical act.
    • Abiding by the rules of competition when participating in a competitive event.

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