How much track time will I get?

  • Approximately 4 hours over the weekend. Usually four 25-30 minute runs per day. You’ll also receive 2-3 hours of classroom instruction.

Are the classroom sessions mandatory?

  • Yes, we take the educational part of our school very seriously. There will be level appropriate classroom sessions with required attendance. Failure to attend classroom sessions may result in forfeiture of track time.

Is track time shorted during club race weekends?

  • No, student and instructor track time is the same regardless of whether races are occurring or not.

Can I share a car with another student or instructor?

  • Generally this is not a problem unless both drivers are novices with little or no track experience. At lease one of the students must have enough experience to be classified above the other.

As a student am I allowed to take passengers?

  • No. Students can only drive on track with an instructor in the passenger seat. If a student is signed off solo, they can drive solo or have another instructor ride along. Students are prohibited from taking non-instructors out on track.

What is the Friday orientation day?

  • The Friday before our normal school weekend is primarily for instructors. The committee does invite experienced “A” group students. Student invitations are based on their history with the chapter, Road Atlanta, and instructor recommendations.

Are touring laps going to be available?

  • It varies; please refer the specific schedule for each event to be certain.

Can I bring pets to the track?

  • No, Road Atlanta does not allow pets on the grounds.

Do I need a helmet?

  • Yes, to participate in the school, all drivers must wear a Snell 2005 or newer helmet.

Can I rent a helmet?

  • Yes, the club has some helmets available for rent on a first come first serve basis.

Can I use a motorcycle helmet?

  • Yes, as long as it has a SNELL 2005 and higher.

Do you require equal protection for passengers?

  • We require equal restraints, but not equal seats. For example, if you have a 5-point racing harness for the driver seat, you need to provide a 5-point harness for the instructor in your passenger seat.

Do I have to drive a BMW to participate?

No, we do not restrict vehicles by make or manufacturer.

Can I drive a convertible in the school?

  • No, Convertibles are not allowed in Peachtree BMW driving schools. The vehicle has to have a fixed B or C pillar with hard (not canvas) roof panel in-place. Targa’s such as Corvette’s and 911’s are allowed. The presence of a hard top, roll cage, or racing logbook does not change this policy.

What vehicle inspection requirements are required?

  • Vehicle owners are responsible for having their own vehicles inspected prior to o arriving at the school. The inspection form is included in the confirmation package which is e-mailed out to participants. The club reserves the right to prohibit vehicles determined to be unsafe by the driving committee.

Does my insurance cover my car should the worst happen?

  • We don’t know as this depends on your specific insurance policy. We recommend reading your policy and asking your insurance company.

Can I register as a solo student?

  • No, the BMW club approaches these events in an educational manner. Every student has an in-car instructor assigned to him or her for the weekend. Advanced students may be signed off to drive solo, with the concurrence of their in-car and chief instructor.

Do I have to be a member of the BMW Car Club to Participate?

  • Yes, we do require a BMW club membership. If you plan on attending and are not a member the cost of the first event includes a one-year membership. You will then receive the membership price for all future events within the next 12 months.

When will I know if I got into the school?

  • You should receive an e-mail confirmation within minutes of completing registration via motorsportreg. Your registration will be put into the system and the registrar will process it within a couple of days. To check your registration status, go to your dashboard on motorsportreg. Please remember your slot is not secured until payment is received.

How can I request an instructor?

What if I get waitlisted?

  • Our school’s typically sell out very quickly. If the school is full when you register you’ll be placed on a waitlist. Should a cancellation come through and a slot opens up, the registrar will contact you. The better your contact information in motorsportreg, the more likely the registrar will be able to get a hold of you.

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