Driving School Registration Questions

Can I register as a solo student?

  • No, the BMW club approaches these events in an educational manner. Every student has an in-car instructor assigned to him or her for the weekend. Advanced students may be signed off to drive solo, with the concurrence of their in-car and chief instructor.

Do I have to be a member of the BMW Car Club to Participate?

  • No, we do not require BMW club membership. If you plan on attending more than one event per year, you might want to join because the $40 difference in price is equal to a one-year CCA membership. Plus, if you are a Peachtree member you are eligible to register one week earlier than non-Peachtree members.

When will I know if I got into the school?

  • You should receive an e-mail confirmation within minutes of completing registration via motorsportreg. Your registration will be put into the system and the registrar will process it within a couple of days. To check your registration status, go to your dashboard on motorsportreg. Please remember your slot is not secured until payment is received.

How can I request an instructor?

What if I get waitlisted?

  • Our school’s typically sell out very quickly. If the school is full when you register you’ll be placed on a waitlist. Should a cancellation come through and a slot opens up, the registrar will contact you. The better your contact information in motorsportreg, the more likely the registrar will be able to get a hold of you.

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